This is the awesome team of Go Practicals

Samarth Gupta
Founder & Analyst
Samarth is a young innovative & easy going person. He co-ordinates and comes up with new plans for the website. He makes sure that each page is served without any hassle.
Tanmay Sharma
Technical Specialist
Tanmay is a passionate team member. His technical skills are best among the team members and he makes sure website looks clean. He also handles the designing part.
Sankalp Mehra
Content Manager
Sankalp is an enthusiastic and an interactive guy. He assures that the practicals on the website are organized and keeps a regular check on the content.
Saksham Srivastava
Content Creator
Saksham's sole responsibility is to make sure that practicals on GoPracticals are always up-to-date and he continuously strives to upload more and more content.
Ronjoy Barthakur
Senior Editor
Ronjoy is an integral part of the team. He always comes up with new ideas and makes sure that work on website is running without any shortcomings.
Shivam Goel
Graphic Designer
Shivam is a creative member who create visual concepts which helps to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate our users.