In a Pelton Turbine or Pelton Wheel water jets impact on the blades of the turbine making the wheel rotate, producing torque and power. Learn more about design, analysis, working principle and applications of Pelton Wheel Turbine.Hydraulic Turbines are being used from very ancient times to harness the energy stored in flowing streams, rivers and lakes. The oldest and the simplest form of a Hydraulic Turbine was the Waterwheel used for grinding grains. Different types of Hydraulic Turbines were developed with the increasing need for power. Three major types are Pelton Wheel, Francis and Kaplan Turbine.

Practical to find efficiency of a Pelton Wheel Turbine


Watch this Video to know about Efficiency of Reciprocating Pump

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To find efficiency of a Pelton Wheel Turbine – Hydraulics Practical
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