A Notch is regarded as an orifice with water level below its upper edge. Notch is made of a metallic plate and its use is to measure the discharge of liquids. These are used for measuring the flow of water from a vessel or tank with no pressure flow. Since the top edge of the notch above the liquid level serves no purpose therefore a notch may have only bottom edge and sides.

A v notch weir is simply a ‘v notch’ in a plate that is placed so that it obstructs an open channel flow, causing the water to flow over the v notch. It is used to meter flow of water in the channel, by measuring the head of water over the v notch crest.


Practical to calibrate the given V notch by establishing a relationship between the flow rate and the head over notches.



Watch this Video to know more about V notch

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To calibrate the given V-notch – Fluid Practicals
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