A Notch is regarded as an orifice with water level below its upper edge. Notch is made of a metallic plate and its use is to measure the discharge of liquids. These are used for measuring the flow of water from a vessel or tank with no pressure flow. Since the top edge of the notch above the liquid level serves no purpose therefore a notch may have only bottom edge and sides.
The bottom edge over which liquid flows is known as Sill or Crest of the notch. A rectangular notch consists of a thin metallic plate placed across a channel so that water flows over it with a free surface. The rectangular notch is the most commonly used thin plate weir. The notch which is Rectangular in shape is called as the rectangular notch. Coefficient of discharge (Cd) is the ratio between the actual discharge and the theoretical discharge.


Practical to calibrate the given rectangular notch by establishing a relationship between the flow rate and the head over notches


Watch this Video to know more about claibration of notches and their calibration

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To calibrate the given Rectangular Notch – Fluid Practicals
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